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Efoiling is the newest and most exciting water activity these days. Prior experience is not necessary! We’ve taught kids as young as 12 and seniors as old as 77. We offer group rates for families, birthday parties, and team-building exercises.

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We pride ourselves on our safety record and it is our absolute most important focus. Each lesson starts with an extensive pre-flight ground school training on the beach, which includes our special flight manual with pictures. Our basic safety rules are repeated several times during the sessions. Each rider’s skill levels, physical capabilities and limitations are carefully evaluated and assessed before going out. Each rider is issued an extremely bouyant USCG- approved PFD and high-vis surf helmet designed for professional water rescue personnel. We are a fully insured, licensed and permitted commercial efoil operation.



Aloha is in our name! We are all about enthusiasm and sharing the stoke! We measure our success not on gross receipts, but how safe and happy our clients are. Our goal is 100% complete customer satisfaction. We have perfected a combination of professionalism with humor and low-pressure coaching that puts our clients at ease and makes learning fun. We have received hundreds of compliments for our thorough, educational, and fun teaching style.

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We have taught over 1,000 new riders how to master an electric foilboard. We have had a number of clients tell us that our efoil instruction and sessions are considerably better than efoil sessions they’ve had from other sources. When you ride with Aloha Efoils, you will have at least one, usually two, and sometimes all three instructors out there with you to help coach you along. There is no faster, fun, or better way to learn how to ride an efoil.


Is a waterman with extensive surfing and kiting experience, with multiple prior successful business launchings.