What is an Efoil?

An efoil is a surfboard that has a carbon fiber mast and hydrofoil wing, powered by a long-lasting highly engineered battery pack with a powerful electric motor underneath it. Electric foilboards are quiet, have zero exhaust emissions, and create no wake at speed. Efoils are NOT in the same category as jetskis and are not restricted like “thrill craft/personal watercraft” – they are registered as Class A motor vessels and legally can operate where any other boats are allowed. Designed to fly above the waves, riding an efoil is a very smooth and exhilarating experience. It feels like a riding a magic flying carpet!

Efoil on Sugar Beach

Maui Efoiling FAQ

Efoil Lessons on Maui

How much skill does it take to ride an Efoil?

To learn how to ride an efoil successfully (in just one lesson) you need good balance, flexibility, coordination, agility, and stamina. Prior experience on a surfboard or stand up paddle board is NOT required!  You don’t have to be a great swimmer either; the water is warm, we won’t be too far out from the beach, and you’ll be wearing a properly fitted, lightweight, comfortable and extremely buoyant USCG Type III life jacket designed for professional water rescue personnel. And unlike traditional wave surfing, when you fall off into the water, the board will always be within easy reaching distance. Ride with Aloha Efoils and you’ll have your own instructor riding alongside you, to help coach you along and maximize your potential. The minimum age is 12. Our oldest riders have been both men and women in their late 70’s.  Max rider weight is 230 pounds. Speed is managed with a handheld wireless throttle controller. To turn, you simply lean in the direction you want to go. To raise the board up out of the water, you shift your body weight back a bit and lift off will happen, virtually effortlessly.

Am I going to wipe out while learning?

Yep, falling off the board is guaranteed. It’s part of the fun – splashing into clear, warm tropical water. The electric motor will automatically shut off the propeller immediately and the board will stop moving, which makes it pretty easy to quickly get back on. And unlike traditional surfing, you won’t have to paddle back out and wait for another good wave to try and catch – as soon as you’re back on the efoil board you can start up again and go in any direction you wish. Like every recreational activity that involves speed and/or the ocean,  there are a multitude of dangers but your safety is our #1 priority. To help keep you safe, you’ll wear a well-fitted PFD and a lightweight surf helmet. All lessons start with a pre-flight ground school safety briefing, risks are minimized, and your instructor will very close by the whole time.

Efoil Safety

What About the Cost?

$325 per rider, for 2 hours of non-stop fun. Special group rates are available. We offer an early morning session that starts at 7 am, and a second mid-morning session that starts at 9 am. If you want to maximize your odds of calm water riding conditions, select the 7 am session. Māʻalaea Bay tends to get windy and a bit choppy by noon, so we don’t offer any afternoon sessions because we don’t want to set anybody up to struggle or fail.

So… Efoiling is fun?

If you’re into this sort of thing, yeah, it’s beyond fun. Out there on the water we have have seen grown men uncontrollably whoop and holler and even giggle, women gleefully squeal, and young ladies start laughing just about non-stop from the beginning of their session through to the end. Some of them didn’t even stop laughing while they fell off into the water. Have you ever seen a person laugh underwater?!? …Yeah, it’s that kind of fun. And more than a few of our riders were beyond surprised to see celebrities efoiling out there with us. No guarantees there of course, but it does happen.

Some riders have told us that even though they surf regularly, their efoil lesson was the most fun they’d had in, out, and on the water in years. A lot of riders who were not surfers told us that this was the most exhilarating experience they’d had in a long time. A few riders have told us that their efoil lesson was one of the best experiences in their lives.

Every rider gains a prideful kind of joy earned by learning a new accomplishment in a particularly unique and exciting new ocean recreation activity. One in which they were not just riders, but they were controlling everything and going where they wanted to, and at the speed they wanted to. We have seen some new riders arrive on the beach quiet and timid and apprehensive. They learned how to ride an efoil and when they came out of the water and got back onto the beach they were grinning, emboldened, empowered, confident, and a bit transformed.